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Vulnerability hangover!

Claudiu David CV of failures and rejections:

Despite numerous failures in my endeavours, only my successes are publicly acknowledged. This creates a false perception that everything always goes well for me and leads others to believe in luck as a factor in my success. I challenge this notion and believe that luck is simply a favorable outcome after making a well-informed decision.

"My 'CV of Failures and Rejections' aims to counteract this distorted view and offer a more accurate perspective. By doing so, I hope that those who hold this mindset will re-evaluate it, as it represents a defeatist attitude.

This 'CV of Failures and Rejections' is not meant to dwell on negative experiences, but to acknowledge them. Successes are widely displayed while failures are concealed.

Claudiu DAVID

CV of failures and rejections

In over 100 motorsport competitions, I lost 64:

Ø The European championship rally by 0.3 seconds.

Ø First place in Argentina at the World championship.

Ø First place at the Europeans in 2006.

Ø The chance to represent Romania in the World Rally Championship in Australia.

Ø I quit motorsport three times during my career.

Ø I bought my first rally car and it sat in the garage for a year, because I invested all my money in it.

Ø I missed continuing my program in the World championship.

Ø I did not build an image that is basic in today's society. I am referring to a website, photos, and videos from events and competitions, etc.

Ø I was injured many times in bicycle accidents, skiing, at a go-kart, and at car competitions.

Ø I was almost killed in a crash with a Renault Megane at the Vidraru Dam. That was one of the moments when I was very close to death.

Ø I electrocuted myself and I was again very close to death.

Ø I had four crashes in my rally carrier; each one put me in touch with death.

Ø I fell from a tree and broke my arm.

Ø I accidentally, like a child, burned down my house.

Ø I failed at being the Detachment Commander in fifth grade. I yelled: "Hey Hitler!" at the ceremony. The police and secret services took my family after this.

Ø I ran away from home.

Ø I failed in getting a job at DHL.

Ø I failed to create a family until I was 43 years old.

Ø Up to now, I failed in my relationship with my godsons.

Ø In Namibia, I broke my car once. I had one guest in the hospital. I got two cars rolled over.

Ø Official shootings for commercials.

Ø I failed at the launching of Ferrari in Romania, where I couldn`t start the car.

Ø I missed being a Driving experience leader for Jaguar.

Ø I missed being the South Africa Team Leader for Grenadier.

Ø I believed in the "Prista rally team” for a year. I found out it was a fraud.

Ø I believed in Vodafone Rally team until politics took away my contract.

Ø Most of my friends were only interested in me for their own gain.

Ø I gave everything I had.

Ø I lost most of my friends.

Ø I gave jobs to friends and then they competed against me.

Ø I invested in a team of people/friends in business, most of whom stole from me.

Ø I always trusted people and was often deeply hurt.

Ø I failed to move to the USA.

Ø I failed to move to Canada.

Ø I got lost in `the enchanted forest` in Hungary.

Ø I never read books until the age of 35.

Ø I did not get to know myself and through that, to know the world until I was 35.

Ø I failed to understand the world, to see it and enjoy it until I was 35.

Ø I lived at a fast pace until I was 35.

Ø As a just Sagittarius, I failed to let it go. I held on to justice until judgement. I won all lawsuits, but lost much more behind the scenes. The price was not worth it.

Ø I did not get to tell my grandmother I love her before she died.

Ø My grandfather died in my arms and I could not do anything.

Ø I sat by my father's hospital bed for three months, one month being in a coma. That is when I lost control of the company.

Ø My mother had a successful business in Sinaia and I failed miserably in taking it over and probably live off it for the rest of my life.

Ø I failed at Entrepreneurship.

Ø I failed with 3 start-ups.

Ø I lost the best driving experience team & company in Romania.

Ø I lost my company in Canada.

Ø I entrusted a company to a friend who later ousted me.

Ø A „friend” defrauded me for 150,000 euros.

Ø I lost a house.

Ø I lost a 2,000,000 euro investment in a start-up.

Ø I lost a 70,000,000 euro budget at the World Rally championship.

Ø I lost a 1,000,000 euro salary, twice.

Ø The first year of the well-being performance center had no clients. The second year had only one client with an income of only 6,000 euros per year.

Ø I got 350 rejections from clients working with me on a bespoke journey.

I moved further away from my comfort zone with each step I made.

I have experienced losing everything in my life three times.

There was a time when I lost myself in the process.

*For sure I forgot many of my failures and rejections to bring them to the table here.

This journey of failures and rejections has shaped me into who I am today.

I’m wide open!


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