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The twelve concepts about the world

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MATERIALISM: can`t find the way to the spirit;

MATHEMATISM: a mechanical machine that can be precisely calculated;

RATIONALISM: recognizes only the ideas with a sensitive reality;

IDEALISM: the purpose of life is given by something to which we should strive for;

PSYCHISM: the ideas are connected with a being;

PNEUMATIC: beings that carry ideas but can also act;

SPIRITISM: they see only the revelation of the spirit and have no interest in the material;

MONADISM: gives birth to representations from within; it is an abstract spiritism;

DYNAMISM: the existence is dominated by specific forces (gravity, magnetic, etc);

REALISM: we cannot know for sure if it is only matter, only spirit, or both;

PHENOMENALISM: except for what surrounds us, there is a world of phenomenons (colors, sounds, hues;

SENSATIONLISM: entitled only to what the senses tell us.

Seven dispositions of the soul

GNOSTIC - SATURN: knowledge forces out of the soul himself;

LOGICIAN - JUPITER: notion organizer;


EMPIRICIST - SUN: the world of experiences as it reveals;

MYSTIC - VENUS: the inner search;

TRANSCEDENTALIST - MERCURY: the essence of things is behind perception;

OCCULTIST - MOON: the world is a maya, therefore we must find another way to the exterior perceptions.


Logician in Idealism - HegeL

Logician in Psychism - Fichte

Voluntarist in Psychism - Schopenhauer

Mystic in Idealism - Nietzsche in his first half of life

Empiricist in Rationalism - Nietzsche in his second half of life

Logician in Sensationalism - Wundt in his first half of life

Empiricist in Materialism - Wundt in his second half of life

Mystic of idealism - Maister Eckhart

Mystic of Materialism - My father

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