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This is Not a Quest for Everyone


This journey with David's Question stands apart, diverging from traditional avenues of coaching, consulting, therapy, medication, or standard business advice. Our focus is on catering to those who, resonating with Claudiu's unique philosophy, consciously choose to have him by their side as they navigate the intricacies of life. This path, akin to Dorothy's journey along the Yellow Brick Road, is replete with wonders, challenges, and opportunities for personal revelation.


While our services are offered only through invitation and referral, we welcome those who, inspired by our ethos, are eager to embark on this co-creative voyage with us.


We recognize that not everyone interested in our journey has the benefit of a direct referral or a prior personal connection with Claudiu. This space on our site is specifically tailored for those of you who have discovered Claudiu's work, feel a profound alignment with our philosophy, yet lack a formal introduction. We appreciate your initiative in reaching out and have thus created this platform to facilitate your connection.


Our mission goes beyond forming bonds or seeking approval. In the spirit of Dorothy's quest in the Land of Oz, we embark on a path of profound self-discovery and growth. Just as she uncovered her inner courage, heart, and wisdom, you too will discover your own strengths and truths. We place the power of navigation firmly in your hands, supporting you as you traverse your own Yellow Brick Road, leading to destinations of personal and professional fulfillment.

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Embark on a Transformative Bespoke Journey

Welcome to a unique realm where traditional consultancy or coaching paradigms are reimagined. At David's Question, we walk alongside you on a bespoke journey, empowering rather than instructing, illuminating rather than dictating. Our ethos is not about laying out a pre-set path; instead, we offer a unique beacon to steer through the complexities of your personal and professional voyage.

Exclusive Focus: Claudiu David dedicates his zone of genius to a select few (7-10 individuals annually), ensuring a bespoke and intensive journey.

Commitment to Authenticity: We seek individuals who grasp the essence of commitment, ready to delve into a profound, co-creative expedition.

Intuition-Driven Process: Our approach is anchored in intuition, fuelled by your determination, and customized to your unique narrative.

Candid Observations: Expect unfiltered, honest insights from Claudiu, regardless of comfort levels, fostering true growth and self-awareness.

Embracing Discomfort: Prepare for challenges that serve as catalysts in your transformative journey.

Get Your Invitation:

Are you prepared to redefine your direction and make insightful decisions amidst uncertainty? Share your 'why' with us, and consider stepping onto a path unlike any other.


It's important to recognize that this opportunity is not for everyone. Claudiu chooses to work exclusively with those who do not necessarily need help, but rather, like Alexander the Great choosing Aristotle as his mentor, seek willingly to have Claudiu alongside with his tools. This is a journey of choice, not of necessity.

As such, our journey together is extended by invitation and referral only. Claudiu personally reviews each 'why' submitted, seeking alignment with the ethos of David's Question. Only if your reasons resonate with this philosophy and harmonize with Claudiu's vision, can you expect an invitation. This selective process ensures that our collaboration is profoundly purposeful and aligned with the transformative essence of our mission.

Remember, we value the depth and sincerity in your 'why', as these are the cornerstones of the bespoke journeys we embark upon. This is a path for those who choose to walk it, a journey of empowerment and self-discovery, not a route for those seeking conventional aid.

Begin Your Journey with Claudiu David:

This engagement is more than mere dialogue; it's the commencement of your transformative odyssey. Together, let's uncover the strength of your commitment.



Claudiu David

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