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I`m on a mission to:

  • I am committed to creating a meaningful impact on the world by serving outstanding high achievers as they transition from their predetermined paths to more innovative futures, with the purpose of enhancing well-being and uniting with the spirit.

  • Developing the well-being performance center.

  • Creating the moral technique.


Well-being is a by-product of self-improvement!

The more we grow, the more fulfilled we feel.

Scoala dn Atena.png

The key to happiness lies in personal development.

In Raphael's famous painting "The School of Athens," Aristotle is depicted holding a copy of his book "Nicomachean Ethics" in his left hand. In chapter 4 of this work, Aristotle argues that the ultimate goal of human existence is eudaimonia, a Greek term that translates to the state of having a "good spirit" and is often interpreted as "happiness" or "well-being." He further equates eudaimonia with living well and doing things well.

The concept of well-being that I am referencing is the one articulated by Aristotle in his "Nicomachean Ethics."

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