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Creators and reactors.

If I am created in the image of my Creator, then my purpose is clear: to create. It's a simple yet powerful concept.

One top leader asked me once “What kind of information?” is in my mentoring program and I said there is none. “No information?” he said. “No, just a single insight at the time, that gets repeated and illustrated throughout the powerful conversation so people can use it and never forget it.” He said, “I’d have to have you give me a list of bullet points of the information in your talk before I could get to hire you.” “There aren’t any bullet points,” I said. “I don’t know how you expect to be hired,” he said, “Or how you expect to be booked.” “I don’t expect anything,” I said. “ any area of my life.” “Then how do you make your living?” “By speaking to people unlike you.” He later decided to hire me. Even though it was clear I had a significant personality problem. (I’ve never denied that.)

Creators live by the power of their compelling vision for the future, while reactors spend their days reacting to the opinions of others. Creators are constantly engaged in bold, creative moves, while reactors are busy reporting on the latest injustices they've suffered. Creators shape their futures by taking action today, while reactors are consumed with discussing the immediate past. Reactors rarely create a fresh new future, resulting in a sense of perpetual unfairness.

I used to be a reactor myself, consumed by fear and worry, lying to those closest to me, and feeling constantly overwhelmed. But thanks to a recovery program, I learned to live freely, something I had never experienced before. I discovered a mentor and embrace my own creativity. This newfound creativity and sense of purpose inspired me to work with others who wanted to create their own prosperous futures. Today, I join a bespoke journey along the people in the art of creating a well-being life. While people call it coaching, or mentoring it's really so much more than that. Who knows what magic can happen when two people come together with the shared goal of creating a better life for themselves?

If we are born in the image of our Creator, then our purpose is to create. It's that simple.

On the other hand, if I was created in the image of my Destroyer, then my only purpose is to react. I would constantly strive to please others and seek their approval, constantly worrying about how to win them over. However, this constant need for approval can ultimately lead to my own destruction.

In those moments, I often find myself questioning my Destroyer, asking why I'm on this path of constant people-pleasing and flattery. Why do I feel compelled to seek total approval when it only makes me feel worse about myself?

If pursuing the objective of "winning friends and influencing people" can ultimately lead to our own destruction, then how can we truly achieve this goal? Is it possible to create authentic connections and make a positive impact without compromising our own sense of self-worth. Serving people, rather than merely trying to please them is the key.

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