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“I do what I like!”

This is another big pitfall human beings encounter.

I never do what I like! I always do what I am committed to.

I once worked with a young man who told me that he wanted to be a rally driver because he likes driving. He attended a mindfulness workshop where he was told to only do what he likes for success. He asked me if I liked driving and I said yes, but I never became a professional rally driver because it's not just about liking to drive.

I explained to him the reality of being a rally driver. Wake up at 5:00 AM every morning, train from 6:00-8:00 AM, be at the office by 8:30 AM and also attend university. After work, I worked on my rally car, sometimes until the morning, and repeated this routine year after year. I had to find ways to create the necessary budget by talking with potential partners to represent them. I was very strict with my diet, and my health, and tried to maintain a social life with friends and family, but that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to being a professional rally driver.

He is still thinking if he will embrace this journey.

While working with a Michelin-star chef, he told me that after many years of hard work and great results, it was time for him to open his own restaurant. I asked why, and he said it was because he likes cooking and he has the necessary experience. He also mentioned that he wanted to work less and earn more, have more time for his family, and be present for his daughter's growth.

I chuckled and asked if he had ever run his own business before. He said no. I know many talented engineers who open their own workshops, but they never use their skills and passions again. I know many competent doctors who open clinics, but they only see patients occasionally. I know many skilled chefs who open restaurants, but they end up failing. In addition, they all complain about not having enough time, feeling burnt out, and being excessively stressed.

Why? Because they are not entrepreneurs. They have not spent years of their lives learning how to run a business. Just because you like to cook, it does not mean you should open a restaurant.

One of the biggest mistakes in people's lives today is to only do what they like. It should actually be the other way around: liking what you do and why you do it. First, you commit to a purpose, then you start doing what needs to be done, and in the process, you develop a fondness for what you're doing.

The chef, who had earned a Michelin star, now works for a large company that creates recipes for renowned restaurants. With a four-day workweek and double the pay, he has ample time for his family and enjoys crafting new menus and recipes. He is content, as he had hoped to be.

Who owns a dog and only walks him when he likes to, also must have a designated toilet area for him in the house.

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