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The creativity flow

Whenever I dwelled on the question "What is it about me?" my creativity would vanish. My most difficult lesson was understanding that creativity isn't personal; it exists independently of the ego, even when the ego strives to interfere and claim credit.

I have encountered several clients seeking to embark on new business ventures, explore alternative lifestyles and discover innovative ways to generate income. They eagerly await the arrival of creativity, often growing frustrated when it doesn't materialize. This disappointment leads to feelings of anger and anxiety, ultimately trapping them in a debilitating state of stagnation. These clients have sought my guidance in an effort to unlock their creativity and transform their lives for the better.

A client recently sought my advice, explaining that he struggled with decision making and a lack of progress in his career. Whenever he encountered a challenge he felt tempted to abandon his current pursuit and switch to something else. He asked how I overcame this issue. After contemplating his question I realized that the situation isn't about resolving a personal problem but rather about choosing and following a path.

Many individuals I encounter, grappling with challenges in their professional or personal lives, tend to seek answers in the question "Who am I?". They fail to realize that the true solution lies in asking "What am I?". When the response to the latter query is "pure, loving, creative energy" all that remains is deciding where to channel it. However, most people focus on "Who am I?" and become entangled in the process of defining and labeling themselves. Are they extroverted, procrastinators, Scorpios, cowards, detail-oriented, daydreamers, fools or something else entirely?

By focusing on these labels they inadvertently neglect the aspects of life they wanted to cultivate. Their good work withers away and their creative aspirations never come to fruition. This happens because they're searching in the wrong place, personalizing everything and reducing it to the level of the ego, where no light exists. They do so because it's a pervasive societal norm—everyone around them does it, too.

Initially these misconceptions about ourselves might seem enjoyable. Gossiping, judging, labeling, praising and criticizing others, and eventually ourselves, can be entertaining. However, if you're like me, you'll eventually find yourself disoriented in this maze of self-definition.

Instead of being consumed by the maze embrace living as creativity itself. Embody divine, loving, creative energy and light. Don't attempt to measure your creativity or compare yourself to those who appear more creative; simply be it and live it. Understand that it's your true essence and it's all you and everyone else are. There is no hierarchy, no competition. When we all swim in the ocean, no one questions, "Who's more immersed in the ocean?".

For me, attributing my inability to create what I desire to personal reasons has consistently proven to be unproductive. Whenever I dwelled on the question "What is it about me?" my creativity would vanish. My most difficult lesson was understanding that creativity isn't personal; it exists independently of the ego, even when the ego strives to interfere and claim credit. I once believed I had to force creativity into existence, attempting to compel it by physically exerting myself. However, I discovered that creativity would surface only after I relinquished control and allowed myself to relax.

There is a path that leads to the completion of whatever one wishes to create, be it a new book, a redecorated room, mastering a canvas, or establishing a successful career. When one strays from this path, creation ceases; when one adheres to the path, progress ensues. It's common to face obstacles and feel tempted to veer off course, sometimes exploring side roads. However, the path remains steadfast, patiently awaiting our return without judgment.

My client wondered how I "resolved" this matter, but there wasn't a problem to be solved in the first place. The only concern was straying from the path leading to creativity. A path isn't a problem to solve; rather, it's something we can choose to follow or turn the other way. Identifying when we've wandered off course for too long and deciding to get back on track is crucial for realizing our creative ambitions.

I often emphasize the importance of first immersing oneself fully to facilitate creation. This would mean engaging in a process, action, or creative endeavor and be present in each moment, which in turn nurtures creativity. The sequence is choosing the path, immersing oneself in the process, and then accessing the room of creation.

On a sunny afternoon my client who was struggling with decision-making called to share his elation about discovering a purposeful way to transform his professional journey. Such calls fill me with joy and remind me of my mission: to create a meaningful impact on the world by serving outstanding high achievers as they transition from their predetermined paths to more innovative futures. I felt that my purpose to enhance well-being and unite with the spirit had been achieved.

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