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The Eleventh Holy Night (3rd – 4th January) & The Twelfth Holy Night (4th – 5th January)

The Eleventh Holy Night (3rd – 4th January): This corresponds to the month of November, the worldview known as Rationalism, and the zodiac sign Taurus

The realm of Taurus is linked to the principle of the cosmic spirit, letting its forces shine towards the essence of planets.

Someone who once adhered to mathematical principles might ponder and then think: It might be prejudiced to assert that blue has a specific vibration frequency. After all, the world is arranged according to mathematical principles. But if there are actualized mathematical ideas in the world, why not accept other actualized ideas? Such a person believes that the world contains ideas. But they only accept those they find themselves, not those perceived intuitively. They only acknowledge ideas derived from observable, tangible reality. Such a person becomes a rationalist, their worldview is rationalism. – If, besides their own ideas, someone recognizes those from moral or intellectual life, they are an idealist. There's a path from crass materialism through math and rationalism to idealism.

Modern initiates see the cow's digestive process as extraordinary, a universe in itself. In the astral realm, it's like a bird. In the cow, what's astral in birds becomes physical. This is why John saw the dove from the astral realm, the principle of the Spirit. Taurus is the earthly replica of the Spirit's activity and is always associated with the Moon (the Sumerian moon god is depicted as a bull). The Egyptians' Isis is tied to the lunar realm. He represents the spirit of the age. Speech, the larynx, will become the chaste chalice to be fertilized by the spirit, directed towards the sanctity of love, symbolized by the Holy Grail.

Real-life example:

For three years I have dedicated myself to finding a balanced diet, collaborating daily with Andreea. I send her photos of my meals, and she provides feedback. After six months, changes became noticeable. Instead of counting calories, we focused on observable results: weight, muscle tone, work and focus capacity. This approach embodies rationalism.

The Twelfth Holy Night (4th – 5th January): This corresponds to the month of December, the worldview of idealism, and the zodiac sign Aries

Aries represents the pinnacle, the culmination. Connected to the principle of the Son, Christ, under this zodiac sign the Solar Being of Christ entered Jesus of Nazareth during the Baptism in the Jordan. From an occult perspective, the eve of Epiphany celebrates Christ's birth in Jesus's earthly body. Epiphany, the thirteenth holy night, concludes the journey of the 12 holy nights, especially the last two.

Material phenomena surround us. But without ideals, our existence lacks purpose. Real life must be imbued with the ideatic element. Fichte, inspired by this, said that the world around us is the necessary material to fulfill our duty. Those who believe everything is an instrument for cosmic evolution ideas are idealists.

The worldviews outlined exist, and they can be advocated. Each can be defended with compelling arguments. Between them subtle nuances might exist, but they all boil down to main types. To understand the world's fabric one must explore through these twelve gates. Each of the twelve views is equally valid. The world cannot be seen from a single perspective. Like the sun passing through twelve zodiac signs, we must view the world from all angles. For the thinker, not just one, but twelve worldviews are justified.

Real-life example:

One day Andreea and I tried to deduce the 12 worldviews. We realized that to understand the world we must see it from 12 perspectives. We concluded that everything exists as a tool for human evolution and cosmic development. In this way, we employed idealism.

Andreea is a real character. All the examples are the result of experiences I encountered on her path of evolution, growth, and social contribution that I accompany. From the beginning, Andreea agreed to share these micro-experiences with the community.

If we want to know the fabric of the world in its intimacy, we must know that we can understand it if we enter it through these twelve gates. There isn't just one conception of the world that can be defended, that is justified, but there are twelve conceptions of the world. And we must admit: no matter how many valid arguments we have in support of one of the existing worldviews, just as many valid arguments can be found for each of the twelve conceptions of the world.

The world cannot be viewed only from the one-sided perspective of a single worldview, a single idea; the world reveals itself only to the one who knows that we must look at it from all directions, all around. Just as the Sun – even if we base ourselves on the Copernican worldview – passes through the twelve zodiacal constellations to illuminate the Earth from twelve different points, we must not adopt only one point of view – the perspective of idealism, sensualism, phenomenalism, or any other worldview that can bear such a name – but we must conquer the ability to walk all around the world and transpose our thinking into the twelve different viewpoints from which the world can be viewed.

For thinking, all twelve viewpoints are entirely justified. For the thinker who can penetrate the nature of thought, there isn't just one worldview but twelve equally justified conceptions, equally justified in the sense that each can bring equally good arguments. There are twelve such justified world conceptions.

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