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The Fifth Holy Night (28th – 29th December) & The Sixth Holy Night (29th – 30th December)

The Fifth Holy Night (28th – 29th December) – corresponds to the month of May, the worldview we call Dynamism, and the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

The sphere of Exusiai (referred to as Elohim in the Bible) or Spirits of Form were the creators and leaders of the entire evolution on Earth. They give definitive shape to all beings and things that exist on Earth. When the Scorpion-Eagle spirits pour forth, everything around them becomes petrified. During the Lemurian period they infused some of their substance into humans.

The dual image of the Scorpion-Eagle concealed the mystery of the self. With the luciferic temptation and the fall into sin, mankind received freedom but also a certain inclination towards evil. In the Apocalypse the Self is depicted as a double-edged sword.

Also, in the Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci portrayed the dual image of the Self through the image of John, the Eagle, seated to the right of Jesus Christ. Opposite him is Judas, the Scorpion, who only wishes to serve his selfish purposes. Between the two is Peter, capable of the greatest sacrifice for the sake of an ideal, but also capable of betrayal. Peter leans towards John because he strives with all his soul's force to move in that direction.

These spirits today act from the Sun, hence they manifest their presence through light.

The image of the eagle soaring towards the solar light contrasts the image of the scorpion which flees from light and eventually kills itself with its venomous stinger.

During the middle of the Atlantean period, in the Scorpio epoch, humans stepped onto solid ground for the first time. They also received a permanent, definitive form. In the future, the image of the eagle is what we aspire to, and John the Evangelist is the highest initiate with this mission.

One of the influences that came from the Scorpio realm was the separation of sexes, right after the impregnation of humans with the Self. Another influence was the potential perversion of love, carried by the Spirits of Form. Today, spiritual love is mixed with sensual love.

The combination of sensual love with occultism is very dangerous, leading ultimately to the complete darkening of Self-awareness.

There may be people who do not rise to the monad, who do not admit that what exists are beings at different stages of the development of their representation capacity, but they are not satisfied to admit only what exists in external reality; they consider that everything that exists in external reality is dominated by various forces. For example, if a stone falls to the ground, they say: This is the force of gravity. If a magnet attracts iron filings, they say: This is magnetic force. They are not satisfied to say: This is the magnet - but they say: The magnet implies the supersensory, invisible existence of the magnetic force, which is everywhere. And a worldview can be based that looks everywhere for the forces of everything that happens in the world, and it can be called dynamism.

Real-life example:

One day, while working with Andreea, we wondered if history is really a sequence of events causing other events. If so, the '89 revolution caused today's political situation in Romania. If things were so, it would mean that a stream flowing downhill is a sequence of water droplets, each pushing the one in front of it. But we know that if we think this way we are not considering gravity, so our reasoning would be wrong. We concluded together that there must be a force, like gravity, that pulls the course of history in one direction. This led us to the worldview we call Dynamism.

The Sixth Holy Night (29th – 30th December) – corresponds to the month of June, the worldview we call Realism, and the zodiac sign of Libra.

The sphere of Libra is tied to the hierarchy of the Spirits of Movement or Dynamis. All planets in relation to the Sun form a stable whole only because they are in balanced motion relative to each other. Its counterpart on Earth is the chemical expression of matter which is based on the mobile balance between the processes of joining and separating in the physical world. The relief is a result of the archetypal activities of Libra. On the old Moon, the spiritual hierarchy of Libra was responsible for the balance between Sun and Moon.

“I cannot know anything for sure if there is only matter or only spirit. The possibilities available to us cannot address this aspect. Only one thing is clear, that there is a world around us that stretches all around. But I can't know if atoms are at its base. I admit the world I see, but I have no possibility to assume that there is something spiritual in its foundation. I trust what I see around me."* - These people are realists, and their worldview is realism. A great deal of intelligence has been spent defending realism. What use is being smart? You can be smart and support realism, but just as smart and refute it. The existence of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit separately, and, at the same time, as an entity in God is supported by realists and has always been fought by nominalists.

Real-life example:

Approaching Christmas, I discussed with Andreea the narratives of the events described in the Gospels of Luke and Matthew regarding this period. She told me about the various inconsistencies between the two, such as the genealogical tree, the flight to Egypt, or the description of the birth itself. She expressed uncertainty about how these events unfolded and if they did at all. We talked about the four Gospels being written from four different perspectives and each expressing the same events in the most just and true way possible, just from different soul dispositions. This conversation led us to the worldview we call Realism.

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