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The First Holy Night (24th - 25th of December) & The Second Holy Night (25th – 26th of December)

The First Holy Night (24th - 25th of December)

Corresponding to the month of January and the Pisces zodiac sign.

In the cosmic dance of time the month of January corresponds with the Pisces zodiac, which in turn aligns with a unique world view we call "Psihism." Humanity has taken a profound journey from light, traversing the depths of darkness, and will eventually return to light once more.

Rewind to a time in the Hyperborean Period, a moment when the Earth and the Sun underwent a significant cosmic separation. A shadow descended upon the soul of humanity, the inner world became darker, and the Sun began to shine from the outside. This was the very beginning of our evolutionary path—a quest to reclaim that shimmering inner light.

To comprehend the notion of Psihism, one must first grasp Idealism. Idealism articulates that our surroundings are filled with matter and material events. These phenomena are devoid of meaning unless there is an external guiding force leading our souls forward. There are those among us who aren't satisfied with the mere existence of ideas. They go a step beyond, elevating idealism, asserting that these ideas must have tangible forms. According to the psihists, ideas cannot merely hover in void. Those who realize that ideas are bound to a being capable of conceiving ideas identify as psihists. Us who hold this belief embrace the world view of Psihism, breaking away from traditional idealists.

Here is an illustrative example: During my guidance sessions with Andreea we discovered that her myriad ideas, though numerous, lacked the power of materialization unless they took the form of ideals. In our shared realization we recognized the importance of giving life and form to these ideas. Otherwise they would remain lifeless, rendering them impossible to bring to fruition.

The Pisces sign embodies both the beginning and the end of humanity's evolution. Christ's closest disciples were fishermen—a symbol representing the seed of future humanity. This is echoed in Luke 5:10, where Christ tells Peter, "From now on, you will be fishing for people." The mystery of human physical existence can be seen in the feet, corresponding to the Pisces sign.

The Second Holy Night (25th – 26th of December)

Corresponding to the month of February, the Aquarius zodiac sign, and a world view known as "Pneumatism."*

The Second Holy Night connects with the hierarchy of angels and the ethereal body, symbolizing life and memory. This ethereal substance mirrors the cosmic ether, reminiscent of an ancient epoch dominated by the Moon. During this epoch the ancient Moon existed primarily in a liquid state. It was a time when angels underwent their human phase, infusing humanity, then in its animalistic stage, with the essence of blood.

The Aquarius archetype signifies an ideal, spiritualized human. In the impending sixth epoch of Aquarius, the Slavic nations are believed to form the spiritual nucleus.

To foster a connection with one's guardian angel, humans must undergo spiritualization. This thought process must evolve, becoming fluid, reminiscent of water, and ultimately ethereal. When an individual achieves this state they become receptive to the impulses of their guardian angel. Such a person is then led by their angelic guide through the imaginative world, in the ethereal ambience of Earth (the lunar sphere).

Post the revelations of the previous day, if one still identifies with the psihist beliefs and remains a seeker of knowledge, contemplation will lead them to the conclusion that there must be some psychic element in the universe. This isn't just about beings having ideas. These beings must also possess an active component, enabling them to act. This assumes individualized spirits in the world – our belief progresses from psihism to pneumatism, a theory of spirits.

A real life example would be this : Having recognized with Andreea that ideas need forms, we realized that these forms, housing ideas, must also be actionable. Otherwise their existence in their realm would be pointless. We personified this entity that held ideas and transformed them into actionable ideals, naming it "The Captain of the Ship" - representing Andreea's spirit.

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