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The Third Holy Night (26th - 27th of December) & The Fourth Holy Night (27th – 28th December)

The Third Holy Night (26th - 27th of December)

Corresponding to the month of March, the world view we call "Spiritualism," and the Capricorn zodiac sign.

In the influence of Capricorn, which falls during the darkest time of the year, we witness the birth of the new spiritual Sun. The Archangels play a pivotal role in this spiritual emergence. On the Old Sun their task was to bestow light, the very essence of illumination. In our current era they are the creators of both external and internal light. On Christmas night the spiritual Sun shines particularly bright, driven by the forces of the Archangels who are also the guardians and celestial inspirators of the twelve holy nights.

Connecting the two festive occasions, Christmas and the Baptism of Jordan, Archangel Gabriel reveals to Mary the mystery of birth in the Gospel of Luke. At the Jordan baptism Christ enters Jesus directly from the Archangel Sphere. From then on the water baptism gets replaced by the baptism of fire and spirit. Only from air and fire can an Archangel form a physical body. The future external form of the human head during the Jupiter epoch will originate from the kneecap, which is the archetype of Capricorn.

There are individuals whose inner structure inclines them to perceive the spirit's revelation in all material things. They acknowledge material realities but believe that the manifestation of the spirit underlies matter. They value only the spiritual, potentially even negating material life altogether. Such individuals recognize the spirit as the ultimate reality and adhere to a worldview termed "Spiritualism."

To illustrate this concept, after Andreea and I concluded the existence of the spirit we called "The Captain of the Ship," Andreea contemplated living more in the spirit realm. She pondered what life would be like if she distanced herself from the physical world and existed more within the spirit, the essence of "The Ship Captain," because spirit is all that truly exists, and matter is just an illusion. Such an inclination would align her closer to Spiritualism.

The Fourth Holy Night (27th – 28th December)

Associated with the month of April, the world view we name "Monadism," and the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

The sphere of Sagittarius is connected with the Archai, or the Spirits of Personality. This is where the struggle between human and animalistic forces, vertical and horizontal forces of the centaur, unfolds. The victory of these struggles is the triumph of human, vertical forces – evident in a child's relentless effort to stand upright. This ability to stand upright is a crucial precursor for the birth of the 'I' consciousness. The bow held by the Sagittarius symbolizes the moment when thought transforms into action; the released arrow signifies purpose-driven will.

On Old Saturn, the Archai introduced thought forces. While individual thought manifests in humans, its counterpart in the outer nature, the Macrocosm, is seen in lightning and thunder. The only way an Archai can make its physicality visible is through a flash of lightning. When the spring equinox point aligns with Sagittarius, a distinct bifurcation of races into good and evil will occur, leading to a war between all entities.

The renowned German philosopher, Leibniz, believed in beings capable of self-conception from nothingness, much like the human soul. For Leibniz, these entities are monads, with varying levels of consciousness clarity. Some people ponder spiritualism abstractly, emphasizing representation over distinct spiritual entities. They consider spirit as mere bearers of differing representational abilities, an abstract viewpoint termed "Monadism."

A real-life example to elucidate: In one of our sessions Andreea expressed difficulty in her meditation on the spirit. She could no longer clearly "see" "The Captain" and held only a vague representation. While she believed in spirits with varied representational capabilities, her connection was fading. I understood her feelings, recommending patience and enthusiastic persistence in her meditations. This phase was likely a battle between "The Captain" and what we termed "the Talibans." It was essential not to let the "Talibans" steer the ship. Andreea's sentiments that day encapsulated the concept of Monadism.

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